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Bee Villa is perfect for the
commercial and hobby beekeeper!

Bee Villa: A bee box (hive) made of high density polystyrene is sold as a kit including accessories or you can buy individual pieces.

  • No box assembly required with Bee Villa!
  • Stackable for multiple box transfers
  • Lightweight & extremely durable
  • Bee Villa has a recycling code of 6.
  • There is more honey production since bees can work on collecting nectar, rather than heating and cooling the hive.
  • Using Bee Villa boxes, there is no need to wrap your hives for cold climate preparation.
  • Bee Villa boxes greatly reduces propolization due to its special feature where the hive bodies come together.
  • A single Bee Villa box can be split to make two 5 frame NUCS, or make your own combination!
  • There is no need to replace hive bodies often due to the longevity of high density polystyrene material. The material can last up to 30 years. It is resistant to photolysis (damage from visible light), and does not decay, warp, and shrink.

The Bee Villa Complete Package - Click to order

Bee Villa Kit Includes:
Lid, 3 Hive Bodies and Base,
plus Accessories
(3 pairs “L” Brackets, Wooden
Entrance Reducer, Wooden Grid,
Winter Plug
and Vent Screen)

Bee Villa is a patent pending, expert design high density polystyrene box that works in all climates suitable for bees. The box creates a temperature regulating habitat keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, even in a single body hive. This allows the bees to spend more time raising brood and collecting nectar.

Bee Villa accepts all major credit cards, personal checks, cashiers checks and money orders. All checks and money orders need to be cleared before order is shipped. If paying by check or money order, please allow 2-3 weeks for processing once order is placed. To place an order, contact Bee Villa at 763-434-3189 or email